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Brisbane houses come in all types – from the heritage homes of yesteryear right through to properties exhibiting the very latest in modern design and style. Fortunately for homeowners, introducing glass splashbacks Brisbane by our professional team of glaziers Brisbane is an easy and cost-effective method to bring the stunning looks of glass into your newly renovated home.

Whether you’re in the final steps of constructing a new home or after an easy, cost-effective way to bring your new kitchen to life; our glass splashbacks Brisbane are the ideal alternative to other glass kitchen solutions.

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Why Choose A Glass Splashbacks Brisbane?

  • A Stunning Look Without the Excessive Expense of Kitchen Renovations in Brisbane
  • Our Kitchen Splashbacks can be Designed & Made for DIY Installation
  • Forget Acrylic Splashbacks that Melt, Warp or Split; Our Kitchen Splashbacks Aren’t Influenced by the Heat of Gas & Electric Ovens
  • Brisbane Glass Splashbacks are Coated with a Special Gloss Finish that Uses Light Reflection to Imagine the Appearance of Added Space
  • Glass Splashbacks are Mould-Resistant, Grout-Free & Easy to Clean

Kitchen Splashbacks in Brisbane

The leading team in Glass Splashback designs.

No matter if you’re starting your very first improvement project, or are an accomplished builder; you’ll be surprised by all of the possibilities that our Glass Splashbacks Brisbane brings to the table.

Our kitchen glass splashbacks Brisbane are well-suited to a series of areas both inside and outdoors. They will enhance the overall look of:

  • Kitchens areas of all configurations and sizes
  • Alfresco dining areas and outside barbeque kitchen areas
  • Bars and entertainment areas
  • Bathroom walls, toilets, and vanities
  • Showers
  • Laundries and other service rooms
  • Retail, business, commercial, and office spaces
  • Reception areas and halls

Elevate Your Space with Glass Splashbacks Brisbane

If you want to enhance the look of your property, Glass Splashbacks Brisbane is an excellent way. They turn an average room into an extraordinary one. No matter which section of your house or business you need to make a brilliant impression; glass splashbacks renew, brighten up, and energize any space.

Glass Splashbacks Brisbane - Improve Your Kitchen Today

Our Glass Splashbacks Brisbane is a particularly adaptable product. Designed to enhance the look of almost any space. Inside or outside of your home or company – without discolouring, dropping their shine or warping.

Heat Resistant & Fire Retardant: Brisbane kitchen splashbacks are designed to resist extreme temperatures without damaging, warping, or melting. This means the glass splashbacks you use to improve your bathroom can safely be fitted behind electrical ovens and gas burners. Great for outside areas opened to direct sunlight, or near heaters and fridges.

UV and Water Proof: Poolside, home areas susceptible to water, outdoor barbeques and bars, our moisture-resistant glass splashbacks in Brisbane can be fitted everywhere that you’d traditionally set tiles. However, unlike tiles, our glass splashbacks are grout-free, so you’ll never have to bother about cleaning off mould or costly pressure cleaning.

Long-Lasting Shine Coating: We coat our Brisbane Glass splashbacks with a state-of-the-art coating intended to reflect light and increase space. Our stunning kitchen splashbacks will stay bright for many years without the need for expensive cleaners.

Colours to Match Any Furnishings: Whether your home has a colour scheme reminiscent of traditional housing, or you fancy a more modern environment; we have kitchen splashbacks Brisbane to suit your style. From neutral hues right through to brilliant and radiant metallic, our kitchen splashbacks Brisbane have a shade to match every property.

Hygienic & Simple to Look After: If you desire to spend less time and money looking after the look of your home or business; glass splashbacks Brisbane is the ideal upgrade. Brisbane Splashbacks have a non-porous exterior that easily repels dirt and filth and has no grout between panels. This reduces mould and lessens cleaning and maintenance to a simple, consistent wipe-over.

Comes with manufacturer’s warranty: We stand behind our products 100%, which is why you’ll get a warranty on our Brisbane splashbacks, even if you choose to fix them yourself!

Glass Splashbacks Brisbane Expert

Caring For Your Glass Splashback

Simple and easy methods to look after your new splashback

Caring for Your Glass Splashbacks Brisbane

You won’t require high-priced cleaners to keep your kitchen splashbacks looking fabulous.

Just use regular cleaners like spray and wipe, degreasing, foaming, or alcohol-based products. Thereafter, clean your splashbacks with a fine microfiber cloth to keep them looking brilliant.

Please note: We do not suggest using cleaners that are caustic, abrasive, or acidic on your kitchen splashbacks in Brisbane. Fortunately, our glass splashbacks don’t have grout lines or joins that tend to gather dirt or grime.

Your Glass Splashbacks Brisbane Experts

Experience the expertise of JRC Glass Solutions when it comes to exquisite glass splashbacks. Our skilled team transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones with our stunning designs and impeccable craftsmanship. Whether for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area, our glass splashbacks add a touch of elegance and vibrancy. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure seamless installation that enhances the aesthetic of your property. Elevate your space with the artistry of our Glass Splashbacks Brisbane experts. 

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Transform your space with JRC Glazier Brisbane‘s exquisite glass splashbacks. Our expert craftsmanship and stunning designs will elevate the aesthetic of any room in your home or business. From kitchens to bathrooms, our splashbacks bring a touch of elegance and vibrancy. Our skilled team ensures precise installation for a seamless and impressive finish. Enhance your property’s appeal with the finest glass splashbacks in Brisbane area. Contact us today to discuss your design ideas and experience the beauty and functionality that our splashbacks can bring to your space.

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