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Fitz Glass has installed countless glass pool fencing in Brisbane. With our high-quality range glass panels together with our knowledgeable installers, the team to choose is obvious. Our series of frameless glass pool fencing as well as semi-frameless glass pool fencing and balustrade utilises stylish, modern-day lines and has a high-quality surface. It is beautiful yet budget friendly, and is made to add worth to your property. And also because we specialise in many kinds of pool glass fencing as well as balustrades; you know you’re dealing with the professionals.

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Why Choose Us For Glass Pool Fencing in Brisbane?

  • We have actually installed hundreds of glass pool fencings and balustrades.
  • All items surpass building demands as well as Australian Requirements.
  • Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • All setups are carried out by our own personnel, not other glazing contractors.
  • We use 100% Australian made glass.

Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

The leading team in Glass Pool Fencing in Brisbane.

Semi frameless glass pool fencing Brisbane is one of the most budget-friendly sort of glass swimming pool fencing. Our semi frameless swimming pool fencing system includes 10mm strengthened Quality A safety glass. Furthermore it includes 316L marine grade stainless-steel posts and a glass clamp system. This will certainly provide you a sturdy, impressive look for your pool or entertainment location.

Top Quality Semi Frameless Pool Fencing Brisbane Solutions.

You can choose either an unique semi frameless stainless-steel or powdercoated light weight aluminum post. Also coupled with the placing system, it will create a stunning glass pool fence look. Although a semi frameless system’s price is somewhat less than a completely frameless glass swimming pool fence; a semi frameless solution still is an attractive choice for the budget concious.

Always in supply and ready to install.

Like our frameless pool fencing, semi frameless glass pool fencing elevates the glass from the ground. Therefore allowing easy cleaning and also upkeep, while still making sure that the barrier complies with all regulations in Queensland.

glass pool fencing Brisbane

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane

Our frameless glass swimming pool fencing is a modular designed system that has been crafted to meet all Australian Standards. ​

Every element of the glass swimming pool fencing system has been examined to abide by the relevant swimming pool safety and security regulations in Australia.
The toughness of a glass fence, combined with its large charm and also beauty, implies that frameless glass fencing is the ultimate look for your swimming pool. It will certainly transform any homeowner’s swimming pool area.

At Fitz Glass Brisbane, security and also high quality products are our top priority. Your glass pool fencing in Brisbane will certainly be created with Grade A, 12mm thick, unbreakable glass swimming pool fencing panels. Furthermore it will be finished with flat polished edges as well as 2mm radius edges, stamped with a little logo confirming the Australian Criterion Permit Number.

We provide premium and also cheaper varieties on every one of our swimming pool fencing parts. There is something to fit every budget plan. Our professional Glaziers in Brisbane provide a vast array of choice to create a truly unique and also personalised glass pool fencing design.

Pin Fixed Swimming Pool Fence

A crystal clear as well as uninhibited sight is guaranteed with our pin fixed glass panel placing system.

Stringently checked as well as passing all the appropriate Australian Requirements for pool fencing designs, side mounted panels will transform an existing pool area with a new open feel and also improve the look substantially.

Maximise Floor Room With Side Mounted Glass Panels

Installing your glass panels with pins gives you a quality minimalistic appearance. It also increases your available floor area. The extremely sleek stainless steel pins enhance practically all styles and, like all of our professional Brisbane glaziers variety, boost nearly any type of exterior design.

Pool Glass Fencing Brisbane

How Much Does Glass Swimming Pool Fencing Cost?

It is a question we commonly hear at Fitz Glass Brisbane and also one we know our future customers will most likely ask. While we can still estimate per-lineal-metre, the real glass pool fencing in Brisbane price will certainly vary depending on job requirements and client preferences. Estimate per-linear-metre prices are:

  • Semi Frameless Glass Pool Secure Fencing $180 to $260 per metre
  • Frameless Glass Pool Fence $250 to $370 per metre
  • Frameless Glass Balustrade $355 to $440 per metre
  • Custom-made Frameless Glass Balustrade $620 to $890 per metre

Each glass pool fencing task will incur extra prices as mentioned. 

Things such as removing old fence or balustrades will be priced upon application. Earthing will certainly set you back between $20-30 per metre. You willl need a pool safety certificate. We can recommend one at approximately $220 inclusive of certification costs. At the opposite end of the range, you can protect your family with low-cost as well as unpleasant aluminium swimming pool fence from just $99 per metre installed! As you can imagine, we do not get associated with this market. We prefer our customers to obtain the greatest quality glass pool fence in Brisbane. One that not just protects their families but adds value to their building.

Glass Pool Fencing Price Considerations

Lots of elements should be taken into account when pondering the expenses of a glass pool fencing in Brisbane. 

Ultimately a person must evaluate what are one of the most important requirements when acquiring glass swimming pool fencing. Firstly, that is mounting the glass balustrade. Many low-cost firms cannot pay for top of the line installers, so they may use contractors. While the majority of professionals are great people they do not have their companies reputation on the line. At times, they only care about getting the job done. Our professional Glaziers are our own staff members. Our people are fully trained and for the most part have years of experience. They have pride in their job and additionally pride in the firm they benefit.

How long does Glass pool Fencing in Brisbane take?

This obviously depends on the job, yet our professional team of Brisbane glaziers takes satisfaction in completing the work in the fastest time as possible without sacrificing on quality. It is normal to see a Brisbane glass pool fence set up completed in 3 days or much less. The majority of Glazing specialists have lots of jobs at once as well as will certainly need to leave your set up to begin or finish something else. Normally they can take upwards of a week or more for conclusion of your brand-new glass pool fencing.

glass fencing brisbane

Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane

Choose a Team That You Can Count on ​

Lastly one of the most important aspects of pricing out a glass swimming pool fencing in Brisbane is checking out the customer service and post-sales solution a company offers. Our Glaziers assistance is just a phone call away. We take pride on being glass pool specialists and strive to be constantly here for you. The possibility of being left high as well as dry with smaller, inexperienced businesses is more apparent than ever. The majority of these guys don’t have a support group prepared to attend to any kind of inquiries or problems with your glass fencing installment.

Our professional team of Glaziers in Brisbane use only top quality parts and have a qualified client service team that makes us Brisbane’s premier pool fencing installer. Choose us and you pool fencing will look fantastic for many years!